Thursday, 9 October 2014

Numero Uno

Writing has always been the primary way for me to channel my feelings. I wrote a very terrible novel when I was younger, about an elf and a troll and the forces of light and darkness having an epic battle (heavily 'inspired' by/shamelessly plagiarised from Dianna Wynne-Jones and Queen Rowling herself). Awful as this was, and embarrassing as it is to look back on, it was the beginning of my realisation that the way I understand my life is through writing about it - even if it is veiled in a dodgy metaphor about an elf and a troll.

I began a travel blog two years ago (you can read it here if you like!) but due to being a broke student I very rarely have interesting places to write about. Then this year, my life was changed my meeting some absolutely amazing women. They constantly inspire and challenge me. They make me laugh, cry and send me cute cat pictures when I'm sad, and they are all bloggers. Before you carry on reading this drivel, go find them and meet some of my best friends - Mungle, Em, Doris, Amy, Rachel, Benz, Leona and Becky. We are all very different but for the first time ever, I have a support network strong enough to make me realise that I can write for other people not just as therapy.

I'm mostly going to write about the main interests in my life - sex, mental health (both professionally and my own) and my attempt to learn to love my body. They say write about what you know, and I'm intimately acquainted with all these topics, although not always in a positive way.

Even if no-one reads this, and it's still a form of therapy for me, I hope it will help me become more positive as a person by doing what I started on Facebook and learning to celebrate the little things.

So here goes.